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GoogleGoogle Maps and the Orange County Registrar of Voters
Google Maps is the most well-known map service on the Internet - offering basic street maps, terrain maps, and satellite images. We've integrated our precinct data with Google Maps for a unique view of election data.
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Mobile phonesTypes of Data We Provide in Our Mapping System
We offer a variety of data through our election mapping services. Learn about the different layers available, the types of data, visual representations, and how we can integrate your needs into precinct level mapping. 
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Shopping cartPurchase Voter Maps
We offer precinct level mapping, voter data mapping, district boundaries and more. In addition you can customize your map orders with several layer options. Electronic maps or printed maps are available for pick-up or delivery. 
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Man with light bulbFrequently Asked Questions About Maps
We’ve assembled the most comprehensive depository of relevant questions and answers to your voting questions.  We’ve revolutionized the voting experience by building a voting knowledgebase – ask a question, get an answer.
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