MyBallot Learn the Basics

Helping Students Learn Important Lessons in Elections and Open New Doors
The Constitution of the United States has been amended several times to expand voting rights for citizens. And yet many students do not understand the impact of these historical changes. Our unique program bridges the gaps and broadens students’ perspectives on the power of voting. In response, the Orange County Registrar of Voters has created the MyBallot program to offer schools, teachers and students a unique opportunity to learn about the power of voting. 

The Power of Voting and the Benefits of MyBallot
Our unique program is a comprehensive 3-step series which includes in-class lessons on the history of voting, creating ballots and vote tabulation. Our powerful curriculum builds on students’ skills in English, Math and Civics. High school students are nearing the age in which they can vote. Our education program brings to life the mechanisms in which we decide who will make decisions on our behalf. We often hear from first-time voters that they are anxious about the voting process. This program offers students a first time voting experience in the comfort of familiar surroundings and removes any apprehension they may feel about the voting process. 

Building Your Own Ballot
MyBallot, which was designed exclusively for high school students, reveals the complexities involved in conducting elections. Students will work hands-on at our ballot production facility creating their own ballots for a mock, ASB or homecoming election. Lessons in graphic arts, publishing and precise proofing are just a sampling of what students will learn.

Learn How to Tally Votes
Soon students will discover why our MyBallot program is truly one-of-a-kind. During the final stage we’ll bring our mobile outreach booths and teams directly to participating schools to conduct their mock, ASB or homecoming elections. Students will be directly involved in assembly, tally and certification of the votes cast. At the end of the MyBallot experience students will have the opportunity to work during a real election, which is a satisfying and rewarding experience.

An Overview of the Process
We've developed a graphic tool that shows the steps involved in the MyBallot program. You'll gain a quick understanding of the process and learn why our program is unique among election offices in the United States. If you're ready to participate or want to learn even more let us know and we'll contact you and send you a brochure.