Corporate Sponsorship Info

No Cost Orange County Registrar of Voters Corporate Sponsorships
Historically, our office has relied on existing relationships made with government agencies, community groups and individual citizens to ensure that adequate voting resources are available on Election Day.

Since 2005 we have used pioneering recruitment approaches to staff polling places, which have set us apart from other elections offices throughout the country. Many companies doing business in Southern California are looking for ways to partner with the community to provide community based services or volunteers. It is clear that voting impacts everyone's daily lives. Companies or organizations that participate in elections show that they are deeply involved in the community where they do business. It's a powerful tool which they can leverage to reach their business objectives while helping the Orange County community. There are many benefits your organization will realize by becoming a sponsor of Orange County elections.

Sponsor Obligation
Voting impacts everyone’s daily lives. Your company’s participation shows that you are deeply involved in the community where you do business. It’s a powerful tool for you and your business. The Orange County Registrar of Voters maintains a list of approximately 2,500 polling places of which 1,200 - 1,800 are used for countywide elections. Relationships are developed and maintained with the owners and managers of these private, public and non-profit locations.

In order to staff these sites we must recruit four to six poll workers for every polling place used in an election. These poll workers assist voters throughout the day by checking them in, processing voter requests and maintaining poll site functions. A sponsor would enter into an agreement with our office, committing to providing a negotiated number of personnel to work the polls on Election Day. There are other options, such as providing in-kind services, technology, point-of-purchase voting displays and more.

The sponsor would receive value through our recognition program, which occurs after Election Day. This keeps neutrality in the election process and maintains compliance with the California Elections Code and the Codified Ordinances of the County of Orange.

How Would Your Company Participate?
No matter what level of participation you choose our election partnerships are great opportunities to strengthen your ties to the community. Providing poll workers or offering your facilities for a polling place are just two of the ways to participate. Plus, we’ll bring a complete training program to your company to make it easy on your organization. Let us explain all of the different types of programs available to you, as well as the advantages of each. 
If you're ready to participate or want to learn even more let us know and we'll contact you and send you a brochure and a draft sponsorship agreement.