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Campaign Disclosure Filing Schedule



Government Code §84200 requires elected officers, candidates, and committees pursuant to subdivision [a] of section §82013 to file semi-annual statements each year no later than July 31, 2021, for the period ending June 30, 2021.

The semi-annual statement (Form 460 or Form 450) covering the period of January 1, 2021, through June 30, 2021, should be filed with the Registrar of Voters’ office (or postmarked) by July 31, 2021.  Find your current status below for more information.

Note: If you Do Not have a campaign committee and are holding office, your filing period would cover 2021 and would require that you file Form 470 (2021 Entire Calendar Year).

  1. CANDIDATE OR OFFICEHOLDER – FORM 460: (Covers January 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021)

An officeholder committee and candidate-controlled committee, including those who are unsuccessful in any election, must file semi-annual campaign statements whether or not they have received any contributions or made any expenditures, and only if they have not officially terminated their campaign committee.


CANDIDATE OR OFFICEHOLDER – FORM 470: (Covers Calendar Year 2021)

This form is to be used by officeholders who do not have a controlled committee, do not anticipate receiving contributions totaling $2,000 or more during the calendar year, and do not anticipate spending $2,000 or more during the calendar year.

Government Code Section §84200 requires that all elected officials with salaries averaging $200 a month or more must file semi-annual campaign statements; however, a provision within this section allows those officeholders who do not have a committee and do not anticipate receiving more than $2,000 in contributions or spending more than $2,000 for the ENTIRE calendar year to reduce their filing obligations to one filing per year.



Must file semi-annual campaign statements for each half of the year whether or not they have received any contributions or made any expenditures during the six-month period covered by the statement.  A recipient committee must continue filing campaign statements until all activity ceases and a statement of termination has been filed. 


If statements are not filed by the due date in accordance with Government Code §84200, you may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, as well as late filing penalties that accrue at the rate of $10 per day, pursuant to Government Code §91013[a][c]. 

We appreciate your assistance in the timely filing of your campaign disclosure statement.    Please file an original and 1 Copy of your campaign statement no later than July 31, 2021, with the Orange County Registrar of Voters. If you need additional forms or would like an Information Manual on campaign disclosure requirements, forms may be downloaded at  If you should have any questions, please feel free to call the Orange County Registrar of Voters Campaign Reporting Division, at (714) 567-7600.