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Campaign Finance Info

Campaign Finance Disclosures
Using our electronic campaign finance disclosure filing system, you can search for campaign finance reports, as well as file your campaign finance reports online.

Go to our electronic campaign finance disclosure system ►

Semi-Annual Campaign Disclosure Schedule for 2020

Every election has deadlines for filing campaign finance reports. View the schedule to learn more. 

View the campaign disclosure filing schedule ►

Are You a Candidate and Need to File?
The Orange County Board of Supervisors adopted a change to the Orange County Campaign Reform Ordinance, adding section 1-6-32. The change in the ordinance requires county officers, candidates, or committees to file campaign disclosure documents electronically. 

Although the filers mentioned above are required to file electronically, electronic filing is a free service, available to any filer.

If you are a filer, and have received your username and password, click here to begin the electronic filing process. ►

New to Electronic Candidate Filing?
If you are a filer, and need a username and password to begin the electronic filing process, please contact our office at 714 567-7558.

If you desire to file your report in a paper format, call 714-567-7558 for information on the process.

Orange County Campaign Reform Ordinance
View the ordinance text and obligations for candidates.

Read the ordinance ►


Electronic Campaign Finance Filing


We now offer all filers of campaign finance disclosure forms the opportunity to electronically file these documents. This new enhancement is meant to streamline the campaign filing process while making the filings more accessible to the public.

While the newly-adopted County ordinance only requires elected county* officers, candidates or committees to comply, it will be available to anyone required to file campaign disclosure documents with the Registrar of Voters' office.

You will have the ability to enter your data as you go or collectively at one time.

You will be able to save drafts which will be available for your review at any time.

Amendments for filers should be reduced as the software validates your entries.

The filer is not charged a fee for participation.

If you wish to electronically file your campaign finance disclosure documents, let the Registrar of Voters' office know of your desire by contacting Christina Avila: 714-567-7558; .

*County offices include County Supervisor, Sheriff-Coroner, District Attorney, Assessor, Treasurer-Tax Collector, County Clerk-Recorder, Auditor, Public Administrator and Superintendent of Schools.