Questions We Hear the Most

How can I request a vote-by-mail ballot?

I lost or damaged my vote-by-mail ballot, how can I get a replacement?

Can I opt out of receiving my sample ballot in the mail and/or view it online?
You can use our online tool to opt out of receiving a sample ballot in the mail.
I would like to vote at my polling place, and need the location. Where can I find the address?

I notice the location of my polling place changed - why was it moved?
In California, there are not permanent polling places. The locations may change from election-to-election. The most common reason for the change of a polling place location is that the facility is no longer available to serve as a polling place.

How can I register to vote, verify an existing registration, cancel my registration, or update my registration?

How can I verify that my ballot was counted?

How can I see who my elected officials are?

I have been receiving political mail and phone calls at my home. Where are they obtaining my information?
This information can be obtained from a variety of sources, including the voter registration list. Current State law allows voter registration data to be obtained for election, governmental, scholarly or political research purposes.

When is the next election?
The next scheduled election is the Click here to view upcoming Election Information.

What if I don't see the questions here that I need answered?
You can visit additional FAQs by selecting a category from the dropdown at the top of this page, or contact us directly for additional help.