Vote-by-Mail Voting


Receive a Replacement Ballot for One That Was Lost, Damaged, or Mismarked
You may request a second ballot if your first ballot was lost, spoiled, or damaged.  Once you make the second request your first ballot becomes void and will not be counted if returned.

Request a replacement ballot ►

Find Out if You Are Already a Vote-by-Mail Voter

If you think you may already be a permanent vote-by-mail voter (this means you automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot every election) you can verify your status using our lookup tool.

Use vote-by-mail status lookup tool ►

Types of Vote-by-Mail Voters
Voting-by-mail allows voters to obtain and submit their ballots for any election by mail.  It’s easy to request a vote-by-mail ballot: 

  • Permanent vote-by-mail voters do not need to request a ballot; one will automatically be mailed to those voters for future elections. 
  • A one-time request for a vote-by-mail ballot is election specific.  This type of application is only valid for one election. 

It is important to note that the voted ballot must be received no later than three days after Election Day, but it must be signed and dated no later than Election Day to be counted.

Canceling Your Permanent Vote-by-Mail Status
Even though it is referred to as “permanent” vote-by-mail voter any voter can remove the permanent status and apply each election for a vote-by-mail ballot or return to your local polling place to vote in-person.

Cancel my permanent vote-by-mail voter status ►

Detailed Vote-by Mail Ballot Instructions
Our instructions describe in detail the rules and laws surrounding vote-by-mail voting.  It is important for you to read these instructions for completing and returning your vote-by-mail ballot. 

Vote-by-mail ballot instructions will be posted here.