Employee Spotlight

Kathy Beaman 

Kathy has been quoted as saying, "The ROV is a very interesting place to work with never a dull moment working together with dedicated co-workers to make a successful voting experience for the citizens of Orange County.  What we do matters and that’s a good feeling."  It shows. During her 29 year tenure at the Registrar of Voters, Kathy has worked in just about every area of elections, including candidate filing, creating maps, delivering supply boxes and even poll worker recruitment; although, her favorite task is breakups and precinct reorganization, not to mention reapportionment. 

Kathy is not just a dedicated employee, she also enjoys all styles of music, cooking and sewing. She even won a Blue Ribbon for sewing and went on to compete in the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. Her well roundedness is helpful in elections where, as Kathy says, "You need to be able to roll with the flow and always keep in mind to expect the unexpected."