Employee Spotlight

Tricia Santos 

Tricia Santos has been working for the Registrar of Voters office since 1990.  During the first 3 ½ years she worked as an Office Assistant in the Administration Department and Precincts Unit and has been a Field Representative for the Election Services Unit for the last 18 years.  

Tricia is responsible for the recruitment of polling places and poll workers for the North-West-East area of the County.  As Tricia says, “North, West, East but never South.”  

She is responsible for overseeing about 275 polling places and over 1,000 volunteers.  When recruiting polling places, Tricia must secure the most desirable polling places for Election Day and complete accessibility surveys to ensure they are accessible for voters with disabilities.  Tricia’s best recruitment tactic is face-to-face interaction.  When canvassing her area she walks neighborhoods, knocks on doors and rarely returns to the office empty handed.  She also assists with supply distribution, 1% ballot auditing and community outreach events such as the Registrar of Voters' MyBallot Student Election program.  

Tricia is often the cheerleader of the team, keeping a “yes we can” attitude throughout the election cycle. Tricia takes pride in her work and strives to provide excellent customer service to her poll workers and polling places.  She will work the necessary hours to ensure that no question is unanswered and that all volunteers pick up their polling place supplies.  She has enormous respect for all of the election volunteers that dedicate so much of their time in making sure each election is successful. As Tricia states “Being here is worthwhile. It means something.  It’s not just an 8-5 job.  Voting guarantees our voice in America.”